Mission & Daily


Mission - We go to the npc indicated in the image below. The npc assigns us to kill mobs. After killing the given amount, we get a reward and return for another mission.

Mission rewards (in brackets the mission number for which there is a reward):

  • Items such as: Goku set, Red senzu, Gold, Crafting items, Weapon Enchant Items
  • Exp - for each mission, we get a considerable amount of exp (up to lvl 2300 or reborn)
  • Access to crafting sets (after 10 missions), helmets (after 5 missions)

Daily Task - Three NPC that can give you three simple mission that can be completed once a day. As a reward, you can get Craft items, Gold, Exp Boosts, Dungeon Key.

  • Zarbon Daily
    • Kill 100 Namekjins
    • Collect 100 Namekjin Fillgers
    • Find and Talk with Dodoria Daily
  • Bojack Daily
    • Kill 100 Tapions
    • Collect 75 Big Emeralds
    • Collect 75 Big Rubys
  • Kaioshi Daily
    • Kill 100 Super Suu or San Shenron
    • Collect 50 Janemba MVP
    • Find and Talk with Old Kaio Daily

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