Dragon Ball System

What needs to be done? You need to collect 7 different dragon balls and right-click on one of them (in a remote place away from other players). Ask to have your wish granted (listed under the pictures).

Where to get the radar? Go to Trunks as shown in the picture below (small city depot) and give him 10 hp potions (dropped by bandits).

When does the ball drop? Every day at 15:15 and 22:45 (PL TIME). The radar indicates the location of the ball.

How many wishes can I use? Only one!

Click on the image to enlarge. To disable the enlargement, click on the image again.

Remember to summon the dragon in an isolated place - someone may steal your wish! You cannot summon the dragon in a PZ/house - the balls will disappear and the dragon will be lost.

Rewards (the dragon will grant only 1 wish per player!):

    +20k HP
    Infinity Band Of Loss
    Premium Craft Item
    Dragon outfit
    Shenron Special Effect for character (1)
    Shenron Special Effect for character (2)
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