Automatyczne Eventy
Events occur automatically every hour (INACTIVE BETWEEN 20:00-12:00). Events will take place every 2 hours.

Possible scenarios:
25%: Tapion on the rock next to the hotel (Drop: Tapion sword 22 atk)
25%: Super Saiyan Event Monster on the rock under the temple (Drop: Saiyan Event Set)
25%: Gogeta Event Monster in Ice City (Drop: Gogeta Event Set)
25%: Candies in the temple (collecting scattered equipment)

For the event to occur, there must be a minimum of 40 people on the server. To check the remaining time until the event, you can use the command: checkevent

NEW! From now on, for killing a monster with a drop, every person (above level 800) who fought it will get a loss box (instead of the standard drop that bots were grabbing)
From the loss boxes, there will be a chance for 1 item from the set (each event monster gives a different set), gold, or it may be empty! This replaces the drop. In a normal event, one person picks up the item, but here everyone gets a chance, so the item chance cannot be 100%.

Next event:
0 hours 47 minutes 15 seconds

The script checks the number of players 3 minutes before the indicated time.
Date:Type:Number of players:
14/06/2024-16:00:00 Event Saiyan beside the Hotel. 109
14/06/2024-14:00:00 Candies/Centrum Miasta 98
14/06/2024-12:00:00 Tapion on the Rock. 93
13/06/2024-18:33:07 Not enough players. 0
13/06/2024-18:00:00 Gogeta/Ice City 116
13/06/2024-16:00:00 Candies/Centrum Miasta 106
13/06/2024-14:00:00 Tapion on the Rock. 95
13/06/2024-12:00:00 Event Saiyan beside the Hotel. 81
12/06/2024-20:00:00 Candies/Centrum Miasta 142
12/06/2024-18:00:00 Event Saiyan beside the Hotel. 137
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