Character Lookup

Name: Psycho Analityk
Level: 2078
Magic Level: 154
Vocation: Brolly
Gender: Male
Residence: City
Last Login: 14th June 2024 18:02:50
Speed: 91
Attack Speed: 111
Critical: 125
Fighting: 117
Ki blasting: 85
Defense: 110
Energy: 133

Latest Deaths
13th June 2024 16:49:48 Killed at level 2086 by a tapion
and by Aggaris
and by a saiyan
12th June 2024 17:07:51 Killed at level 2045 by Cygan
and by a saiyan mvp
and by a majin
and by a tsuful mvp
and by a zeltajin
11th June 2024 19:42:13 Killed at level 1762 by a demon mvp
and by a saiyan mvp
11th June 2024 19:31:44 Killed at level 1763 by a demon mvp
and by a saiyan mvp
10th June 2024 19:10:05 Killed at level 1250 by Qutarate
and by a brolly ussj mvp
and by a janemba
10th June 2024 18:36:38 Killed at level 1233 by Janembaa
and by Qutarate
and by a brolly ussj mvp
and by Mefedron Ebe
10th June 2024 18:03:43 Killed at level 1227 by Janembaa
and by Najedzony Noddy
and by Mefedron Ebe
and by Cygan
and by Obsession
9th June 2024 21:48:37 Killed at level 1122 by Mufasa
and by Smurfysyn
and by Obsession
and by Lysy zza winkla
and by Betonowa zelka
8th June 2024 22:52:41 Killed at level 552 by a heaven soldier mvp
and by a Shin soldier
and by a kaioshin mvp
8th June 2024 20:23:40 Killed at level 133 by a soldier
and by a saibaman
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