Character Lookup

Name: Nie bij
Level: 2004
Magic Level: 146
Vocation: Cell
Gender: Male
Residence: City
Last Login: 13th June 2024 18:33:07
Speed: 10
Attack Speed: 107
Critical: 118
Fighting: 10
Ki blasting: 127
Defense: 71
Energy: 112

Latest Deaths
13th June 2024 11:56:36 Killed at level 1874 by a namekjin
13th June 2024 11:43:36 Killed at level 1882 by a craft
and by Smurfysyn
13th June 2024 08:28:57 Killed at level 1889 by Smurfysyn
and by Anubik
12th June 2024 21:54:33 Killed at level 1888 by a shenron
and by a heaven soldier mvp
12th June 2024 06:28:19 Killed at level 1539 by a craft
and by Lysy spel
12th June 2024 01:22:14 Killed at level 1545 by a tapion
12th June 2024 00:18:44 Killed at level 1538 by Vegeta
and by a tapion
11th June 2024 18:31:49 Killed at level 1442 by a saibaman
and by Lysy Zasadowiec
11th June 2024 17:15:57 Killed at level 1389 by a saiyan
and by a tapion
11th June 2024 13:55:28 Killed at level 1303 by a tapion
and by Lysy spod zabki
11th June 2024 07:29:07 Killed at level 1216 by a tapion
and by a saiyan
11th June 2024 06:26:31 Killed at level 1181 by a trunks ssj2 mvp
and by a janemba
and by a goku ssj2 mvp
and by a kaioshin mvp
and by a vegetto mvp
and by a trunks ussj mvp
and by a goku ssj3 mvp
and by a trunks ssj mvp
and by a majin
10th June 2024 16:46:57 Killed at level 1010 by Lysy Wiesiek
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