Character Lookup

Name: Hello Monkeys
Level: 1770
Magic Level: 150
Vocation: Freeza
Gender: Male
Residence: City
Last Login: 13th June 2024 19:25:42
Speed: 68
Attack Speed: 120
Critical: 126
Fighting: 114
Ki blasting: 10
Defense: 102
Energy: 129

Latest Deaths
12th June 2024 23:50:53 Killed at level 1702 by a buu
11th June 2024 18:01:22 Killed at level 1442 by Lysy Zasadowiec
and by Lysy Wiesiek
and by Lysy zza winkla
10th June 2024 18:04:11 Killed at level 1309 by Aggaris
and by Obsession
and by Qutarate
and by Mefedron Ebe
and by Cygan
and by Janembaa
9th June 2024 14:48:02 Killed at level 887 by a demon mvp
9th June 2024 14:12:33 Killed at level 868 by Najedzony Noddy
and by a buu
and by a bubu mvp
9th June 2024 14:11:01 Killed at level 872 by a demon mvp
and by a saiyan mvp
and by Wale ze szczupaka
9th June 2024 12:12:42 Killed at level 808 by Vegeta
8th June 2024 19:52:29 Killed at level 705 by Kiyotaka ayanokouji
8th June 2024 18:14:53 Killed at level 551 by a janemba
8th June 2024 17:47:56 Killed at level 432 by Janembaa
and by Edward Spadochorniarz
8th June 2024 17:47:21 Killed at level 434 by Mufasa
and by a saiyan
and by Janembaa
and by a oozaru
8th June 2024 16:46:24 Killed at level 225 by Mufasa
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