19.08.2022 16:01 Posted by Admin Soony

Client and changes are available

Balans description - Click here

Standard client and OtClient have been updated - You have to download new client now! - Click here

Android client has been updated - Click here

03.08.2022 16:18 Posted by Admin Soony

New edition

New edition is going to start 19.08.2022 at 7pm 🇵🇱 time.

Informations about changes will be available soon.

Rewards for top5 (last edition) players:

  1. 900pp
  2. 600pp
  3. 450pp
  4. 300pp
  5. 150pp

19.05.2022 13:50 Posted by Admin Soony

Server closed

Today server has been closed. More info soon

26.01.2022 15:17 Posted by Admin Soony

Proxy for American players

Perfect PING and zero lags for everyone! You can choose one of the three proxy options

Europe - European players!

Brazil - Brazil palyers!

USA - American palyers!

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