13.07.2021 22:49 Posted by Admin Soony

FREE Sms Shop & Skills

Sms shop is currently free and every new character has start skills (120 all skills).

05.07.2021 12:05 Posted by Admin Soony

Super Transform Quest changes

We added new way to do super transform quest. Before the quest is NPC that allow you do it quest in another way

02.07.2021 16:59 Posted by Admin Soony

Friday Update

Event in auction-system. You can buy premium craft balls for gold

New set - God Set

New helmet - Dark Helmet

New Crafting - God set and Dark Helmet

New craft items which drop from Shenron Blocker MVP (last dungeon)

26.06.2021 19:36 Posted by Admin Soony

Shop discount

50% more points in sms shop by paypal/bank transfer

15.06.2021 22:34 Posted by Admin Soony

New vps & Auction system

Auction system fixed

❗New vps with better ping for Latin America players!❗

🆕New NPC - Gold Seller🆕

07.06.2021 17:48 Posted by Admin Soony

Fixes in dungeons

Turles ssj5 & Corrupted Saiyan dungeons fixed

We added way to non-pvp trainers room on the tutorial page

03.06.2021 15:13 Posted by Admin Soony

Dungeon & Boss changes


  • To enter on the dungeon you have to finish 5 mission and 1 daily task
  • Repaired bug with turles ssj5 mvp
  • Boss respawn hours changed (Boss system)

29.05.2021 20:15 Posted by Admin Soony

New character

We added Master Roshi

28.05.2021 19:10 Posted by Admin Soony

Pvp balance 1v1

We changed pvp balance to 1v1!

26.05.2021 18:27 Posted by Admin Soony

Super saga & Super quest & Fusion set quest & Super transform quest

Super Transform require 4 players 2 players

Super sword/bolt quest you can do SOLO

Rework sagas DBSuper

Fusion Quest is easier now

25.05.2021 23:10 Posted by Admin Soony

Mission rework & LvL limit

We changed missions order because some mission was to early. It was a problem for new players

LvL limit has been lifted

24.05.2021 20:25 Posted by Admin Soony

Weapon craft

Weapon Craft require craft coins instead dbkos dragon ball now

24.05.2021 8:28 Posted by Admin Soony

Craft requirements & Monster dmg

Monster damage decreased:

  • Corrupted Saiyan Mvp (dungeon)
  • Super Namekjin MVP
  • Xicor MVP
  • Epic Saiyan Guard & Epic Brolly (dungeon)


  • Mission required to craft set 15 => 10
  • Mission required to craft helmets 15 => 5

Dungeon Master npc repaired

17.05.2021 18:38 Posted by Admin Soony

New Edition


  • New Dungeons quests where you can get items needed to craft.
  • New spots with Super Namekjin MVP and Xicor MVP where you can get some other items needed to craft.
  • To enter on the dungeon you need a key which you can loot from some common monsters like Saiyan mvp, Shenrons, Heaven soldiers mvp etc.
  • New npc which gives a 3 dungeon keys every day
  • On the dungeons we made a new type of bosses
  • Expended crafting - 7 new sets to craft, 6 new helmets crafting,
  • Delted sets from the SMS SHOP!

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